Pamukkale Tour & Balloons Tours

Pamukkale Tour + Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Flights


✔-Shuttle transfer in A/C vehicle
✔-Balloons Tours
✔-Professional English speaking guide
You can enjoy viewing the unique beauty and scenery of Pamukkale from the sky from the specially selected takeoff areas on the standard 1-hour balloon flight.
Where do we fly?
Our takeoff area is exactly Pamukkale. (Some days depending on the wind situation, the takeoff places change). The travertines of Pamukkale, the lake of the big hole and the old theater, are some of the many places you will have the opportunity to see.
Number of Pax
Balloons are of various sizes. Our balloons allow you to move enough for you. The balloons are 16 or 20 people and consist of 4 compartments.
All our passengers are insured by euroko insurance and at the same time, they are covered by an insurance for every passenger in the minibuses used in transfers.
After the first balloon tour in 1873, we are continuing the champagne celebration tradition commemorating the safe landing 3-2-1
We add your flight experience to your memories with your flight certificate.
Whom we do not accept
Unfortunately, for your safetyand the safety of the flight, we cannot accept children under 5 years old, pregnant women and passengers who do not have the physical strength of standing for 1 hour.

Pamukkale Tours

You will be/can be met at the harbour / ADB airport or even at your Hotel in Izmir or Kusadasi. The guide will be holding up a sign with your name on it clearly
so that you take the correct pick up service for your convenience, it’s here you shall also meet your tour guide for the day who will give you some information
of the plan for the day before heading off on your way to your destination.
The drive up to Pamukkale takes between 3 – 4 Hours long but please be rest assured that half into the journey we will have short break stop so you can stretch
your legs and grab a refreshment too.
As we arrive at Pamukkale it will be to the North Gate side where you will see the Necropolis (cemetery) of Hierapolis which is one of the biggest ancient
cemeteries in Anatolia with 1.200 graves, Roman Bath, Domitian Gate, and the Main Street, Byzantium Gate. Then you walk over to the natural warm water terraces
which were formed by running warm water that contains calcium. The temperature of the water is about 35c you can see the gleaming white travertine terraces
of Pamukkale, which are closely located to the ruins of Hierapolis. The extraordinary effect is created when water from the hot springs loses carbon dioxide as it
flows down the slopes leaving deposits of limestone. The layers of white calcium carbonate built up in steps on the plateau and by this effect is how the site got
its name Pamukkale because it resembles a huge mountain ball of cotton.
There shall be a lunch stop that is served as an open buffet style and after lunch you will have the chance to take part in some swimming in hot red thermal
pools. Then If you like to swim in the Ancient Pool which is also called Cleopatra s Pool but to do so you shall need to pay a small extra charge fee. The
Cleopatra Pool is warmed by hot springs and covered with underwater fragments of ancient marble columns. Possibly associated with the Temple of Apollo the pool
provides today's visitors a rare opportunity to swim with antiquities! During the Roman period columned porticoes surrounded the pool; earthquakes toppled them
into the water where they lie today.
Once the tour comes to an end it will be time to get back on the bus and to be driven back to your allocated drop off points, we trust that your tour with us
today has been excellent and hope to see you again!
P.S : Please make a note that regular tours shall involve a short shopping tour where you will have the chance to see traditions but also have the chance to
buy some very special handmade souvenirs to take home with you. 


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