Priene & Miletos & Didyma Tour

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Priene & Miletos
Didyma Tour

Region: Istanbul Duration: 3 Day / 2 Night

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Priene & Miletos & Didyma Tour

We will collect you from your chosen pick up point of either the Harbor or your Hotel, we can also arrange for you to be collected from your Hotel in Izmir or Izmir Airport, however a transfer supplement will apply.


We will drive to Priene Ancient City which is approximately 30 minutes from Kusadasi and 90 minutes from Izmir, This tour will include three astonishing Cities of Ancient times that are very close to one another.


Priene was a small city but a very vital City in Ancient times, in this City stood the Panionium a sanctuary and meeting place of the Ionian confederacy, in this City you will see the Great Theatre the Agora, Temenos of Zeus and the Temple of Athena.


Miletus was the richest and principal port on the Agean coast, the theatre of Miletus was the most impressive of all the towns remaining Monuments, we will also see the council Chamber and the Islamic Monument Ilyas Bey Mosque.

Didyma Apollon Temple

After lunch in a local restaurant we proceed to Didyma to see the Didyma Apollon Temple. Didyma was an Ancient Greek Sanctuary on the coast of Ionia, the modern name is now known as Didim, The sanctuary contained a temple and oracle of Apollo, Greek authors referred to Didyma as meaning twin temples, however this is a not a feature of the site.

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After the tour we drive back to Kusadasi and drop you off to your requested Hotel or Harbor.

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* Entrance fees to Museums
* Lunch (Excluding drinks)
* All Taxes


* Certified Professional English speaking guide
* It is advisable to wear conservative clothes when visiting Mosques and Churches.


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HtR Travel are a local Travel Agency based in the very center of Turkey’s Anatolian region Cappadocia, famous for its surreal magical landscapes and Fairy Chimneys. HTR Travel Agency – Professional agency organizing tours for exploring marvels of Turkey in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Izmir and Antalya .