Mud baths Cappadocia

Mud baths cappadocia – a large underground cave contains specially certified mud which has many beneficial qualities for your skin and circulation. You will need your swimming gear, but if you forget you can actually purchase bikinis and swimming trunks on site. After a fishy foot bath to cleanse the dead skin off your feet, you can relax and take in the benefits of the all–covering mud, then take a shower before further relaxing in a hot pool.
The special mud has many properties; it clears and smooths the skin. It is not only a beauty treatment; it also increases antioxidant protection and is good for the treatment of cellulite, acne, inflammation, eczema and psoriasis. The anti-imflammatory properties may also calm painful conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. The process also promotes muscle relaxation around blood vessels and thus can improve circulation.
Within this incredible underground complex there is also a cafe and bar (with alcoholic drinks), and a shop where you can purchase natural products for skin health.
You can be picked up at the hotel, or stop by at the end of your tour. Alternatively, if you would like a multi day activity such as a valley walk or horseback riding in the morning, ATV tour in the afternoon followed by a Mud Bath, we can coordinate all your activities for you.

mud bath cappadocia


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