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Sardes & Philadelphia Private Tour

Sardes & Philadelphia Private Tour

Sardes & Philadelphia Private Tour

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This tour will allow you the visit of another remarkable sight in the Aegean area, Sardes, which was once the wealthy capital of the Lydian Empire and Philadelphia, one of the 7 Churches of Revelations, which played an important role in the spreading of thought patterns and activities of the Hellenistic civilization and Christian faith. Sardis; which once was Capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia and from the 7th to the mid-6th century B.C. the world’s richest city. A good part of its wealth was coming from gold being washed down from the mountain by the river Pactolus, which the Lydian collected in sheep skins spread in the shallows, perhaps a source of the legend of the Golden Fleece. The most famous monument remaining from the ancient Sardis is the temple of Artemis. Equally impressive are the Roman gymnasium and baths from the 2nd century A.D. Also shops and a Synagogue complete the complex with the marble Court in the centre.  Philadelphia; This ancient City which was founded by Attalus II in 189 BC is a relatively young city compared to similar cities of Anatolia. It was built upon an elevated terrace above the valley which lay on the Persian Royal Road. Because of its founder’s love and loyalty for his brother Eumenes II, the city was called Philadelphia which meant “city of brotherly love”.
There is not much to see from the early days of the city except some ruins of city walls composed of rough stone blocks of coarse workmanship and a basilica. The workmanship, the type of arches and materials used in the construction indicate that the building dates from the late Byzantine period. Philadelphia achieved its fame as one of the Seven Churches of Revelation.

A/C Vehicle
Pick up and drop off to local Hotels
Professional English speaking Guide
Entrance fees to Museums
Lunch in a Local Restaurant (Excluding Drinks)
All Taxes